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Italian type 16th century – brushes and patterns etc


Released on March 20th, 2016, a selection of different ‘Italian type 16c’ historical / antique characters for use as brushes and patterns and shapes and symbols etc for use in apps such as Photoshop and psp and Illustrator etc

Some examples below using adjustments etc

How to copy vector custom shapes in Adobe Photoshop tutorial


If you create a shape layer via the custom shape tool (set the pick tool mode) then try and copy it in Photoshop

Where is the copy command ?

It doesn’t exist but there is a layer menu and duplicate command. The duplicate command will copy and paste the current selected shape into the document (default) and you will see the result in the current layers panel

It also comes with an additional option of destination and the default is the current document, it also comes with an option to select a ‘new’ document so you add it to a new named or unnamed file. You can run the duplicate command again and again and select from the existing files (some saved and some not) as well as creating a new document.

The key thing about this is that the duplicated layer is still a vector / shape layer and can have effects added to it as well as layer effects and also used as a source for a new shape or brushes as well as patterns (with transparency or not).

It is odd that PS has never added a copy command.

You can also drag the layers to other documents etc and I will do a tutorial about that later

You can find more about the shapes presets etc via our graphicxtras channel on Youtube as well as via our website